Monday, 23 April 2012

Bridi Foden Shoot

Based around the idea of 'Tumblr Girls' - I did a shoot with Bridi at the beginning of the Easter break for her chosen project. She arrived at my house with a suitcase of goodies, an assortment of her own amazing clothes, gems, fur, pom poms and beads! It was loads of fun and I loved how she pieced her outfits together, marching contrasting and quirky pieces and finishing them with customised embellishments! Check out Bridi's tumblr here to see more of her styling and photography work!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Shoots shoots shoots!

So, the last month has been a pretty busy one for me packed with lots of fun shoots! Sometimes it's quite difficult to try and plan shoots around uni lectures and also having a weekend job, but I'm managed to cram in a fair few recently and the more I do, the more I realise how much I love it! The thing I love about doing different shoots is that you get to be a completely different person. I guess it's a bit like acting, when you're dressed and made up ready to shoot, the styling reflects the kind of vibes, poses and message you want to project.

I've done a few lookbook shoots for some Manchester based stores including Cow Vintage, Oh Hell Clothing and Ediemac (pictures to come soon) as well as working with a number of student photographers and stylists. The thing I enjoy about working with other students is that they have fresh and innovative ideas. It's great to work with people that aren't afraid to try new things and to push boundaries. I love getting dressed up!

I'm waiting to receive a couple of shoot pictures back so I'll update when I receive them - waiting for the photos is all part of the fun though - especially when it's on film! I'm also just about to develop a disposable camera which I've been using over the past half a year a various points so it's going to be interesting to see what on earth comes out! Hope everyone's enjoying their easter break!

COW Vintage

WE ARE COW ( recently asked me to do a shoot with them in Manchester for their website/lookbook! I was super super excited as I love shopping in COW so of course I immediately accepted the offer & it was a huge pleasure of mine to do it!

I took the train to Manchester & we began the day in the back office of the shop - it was incredible! I've always loved browsing the shop, but through the back doors and down the stairs was rails and rails of more beautiful vintage and reworked clothes hidden away - I felt like I was in heaven! A rail of clothes was awaiting me which had been picked out by the stylists & interns and along with the back-stock of clothes, accessories and shoes to browse through, I was in my own little world! We did a few shots in the studio, before heading through the backstreets of the northern quarter, stopping for lunch at common bar & exploring the rooftop of Shudehill bus station - which had an incredible view of Manchester (it was great, till we got shooed away by security!) Overall it was a really fun day & we got some great shots thanks to Richard -

More looks & pictures to come!

All clothing pictured is from COW Vintage
(apart from the sunnies & shoes which are mine!)