Friday, 22 April 2011


Joel & his new furby 'Momo'

Believe it or not my ultimate downfall is carboot sales! I started going last summer and although I haven't been to that many since, everytime I go I become 'a crazy gypsy lady' according to my friends. I'm a lover of bargains and I really appreciate the idea of 'second hand' whether it be vintage shops/charity shops/markets or carboots! Afterall... it's all the same. You can end up paying a pricey amount in a vintage shop for something which will be sold in a charity shop for about a quarter of the price... they can just bump the prices up because it's a boutique shop and silly people are willing to pay!

Carboot is an absolute treat. The amount of things you can find is amazing... because it's basically a bit jumble. Ok, there is a load of crap on sale and junk that you wonder why people are even bothering to try and shift... but you can find some treasures! I've found a number of cameras for about 50p, including an kodak instamatic, polaroid and one of those lomography cameras that take four pictures at a time (which I have yet to use but i'm very excited about it!). As my mum would say, one mans meat is another mans poisin... so if you have lots of stuff to get rid of.. don't just dump it in the tip, have a sale yourself and give it a second home!

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